Friday, July 4, 2014

Prince Ogundipe Becomes Director of Medical Laboratory Services At Ife

The quest by Assembly of Health Professionals and the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) to ensure
her members reach the peak of their career has yielded another fruit as the management of Obafemi
Awolowo Teaching Hospital Complex (OAUTHC) has promoted health professionals to the post
of Director.  Leading this group is Prince Ogundipe of the Chemical Pathology department among others.

Other news items continue to make the heart leap for joy as JOHESU consolidates its gain from the
MOU reached with the Federal Government despite the NMA strike.

Top News Stories
Young Medical Laboratory Scientists Flood Cyberspace To Counter NMA Propaganda

Some young medical laboratory scientists has stormed the online battle field to preserve the integrity
of the Medical Laboratory Profession against the onslaught by physicians who are
currently on strike in Nigeria.
The altercation at the cyberspace has been virulent and guerilla-like
as some young MLS led by OnaOluwa Abimbola, Ayodele Aaron and Fatai Balogun has mobilised themselves to counter all the propaganda machinery deployed by NMA.

AMLSN's Fortunes On The Rise Despite NMA Strike
As the ill-advised strike declared by NMA continues so is the increase in the
fortunes of AMLSN  as some of her members just joined the
Directorate cadre.   Prince Ogundipe has joined the league of Directors in the service as OAUTHC
management handed over his letter of promotion.

NIC Abuja Postpones Ruling On Case Filed By AMLSN
 At National Industrial Court,  Abuja, the final judgement of the suit filed by
Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital branch originally scheduled for 3rd July has been
postponed to 15th July. Members has been urged to keep vigilant as expectations remain high
for eventual triumph.

National Assembly Passes Health Bill
Events at the national assembly too continues to gladden the
heart as the favourable version of the health bill has been
passed by the house of representatives.  It is now left for
both senate and house members to sit for harmonisation of
the bills separately passed by the legislators.

 CBN Asks NMA To Go To Court
The Central Bank Of Nigeria, (CBN) has challenged NMA to go to court
as a result of the latter's opposition to the circular in respect of inspection and regulation
of In-Vitro diagnostics by the Medical Laboratory Council Of NIgeria.

That's where we'll draw the curtain of the news brief this week.
Watch out for another edition next week.

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