Saturday, March 24, 2012

FMC Owo Boils As MLS Stages Protest To Demand Department Of Medical Laboratory Services

FMC Owo Boils As MLS Stages Protest To Demand Department Of
Medical Laboratory Services
For refusing to pay attention to the clamour of medical laboratory scientists
in its employment for a department of medical laboratory services, the management
of the Federal Medical Center Owo in Ondo State seems to be in hot soup.
Led by its leaders, the medical laboratory scientists in the center filed
out penultimate week for a street protest to compel management of the
hospital to accede to their demands. No retreat. No surrender.
With the barage of solidarity enjoyed from members across the nation, it is evident
that MLS in that center will soon realize their goal.

Hepatitis Cure Raises Dust In Forum
His name is Kehinde Wojuade. His announcement was sudden and shocking
to some members who opined that his claim on discovering cure for the deadly
hepatitis B virus is bogous and unscientific.
Subsequent rejoinder from his end demonstrated that he was really prepared
for all the misgivings and scepticism.
He challenged doubting thomases to send their email address for the
documentation of the drug which according to him was not a herbal drug.
While some forumites who contributed to the post opined that the claim
should be scientifically verified, others lent their hands of encouragement
and condemned the pull him down syndrome ravaging the profession nationwide.
If the cure is found to be genuine and effective why can't it receive
wide endorsement and support by colleagues? That's a food for thought!

'No, Never! Not Our Own Tam!He Is In Nigeria, Not Spain'
The mail was received by many friends in his list. It claimed to
be soliciting for monetary assistance far away in Spain. But members
of the forum will not be deceived by the deadly antics of these ungodly
cyber fraudsters.'How can Tam suddenly surface in Spain without notice?'.
Well wishers swung into action to verify the true state of things and at the
end it happened that the mail was a fraud.
The email of our popular reporter, text commentator and deputy adminstrator of
the forum, Tam Adetunji was hacked penultimate week by unscrupulous  men of the
An earlier disclaimer and warning by Tam had put members on their toes so as not
to fall into the devilish plot of the idle fraudsters.
Forumites wish Tam best luck and continuous protection in the cyberworld.

Don't Despair, There Is A Future For MLS-Dr. Chris Mbata
Bogged down by the seeming injustice and opposition encountered in his
place of work, a despairing young medical laboratory scientist cried for
help the punultimate week as he saw no hope in the profession but no,
he was wrong.  Patrons, matrons and forerunners of the profession has
weathered boisterous wind of persecution to reach the height they occupy today.
One of such elder is Dr. Chris Mbata who quickly identified with the internal
struggle and despondency of the budding MLS with timeless words of encouragement.
He submitted 'I had thought the same way years ago when I was in your
shoes but today I'm glad to be where I am'. No doubt, the future is great but
each MLS must imbibed the confidence and winning attitude required to
make it in the profession despite all odds.

Batch C Corpers In Ondo State Donates Lab Kits To NYSC  Camp

In order to stamp their authority and relevance at the NYCS camp,
medical laboratory scientist corpers posted to the State quickly organised
themselves in donating laboratory diagnostic kits to the NYSC camp coordinator
in the state who was impressed by their dogged patrotism and philantrophy.
That smart move had opened the door for medical laboratory scientist corpers
to participate in the healthcare team at the camp, a phenomenon which is
forbidden in several camps across the country. Aluta continua!

Thank God! Nanbol Survives Ghastly Motor Accident
Late last year, he was victimised for critisizing the admission
of students for graduate internship (AIMLS) in Jos. Not going to allow
the injustice lie low, he challenged his arrest and detention in court.
It was while coming from a recent hearing his case in court that he
got involved in a ghastly motor accident. The car was damaged beyond remedy
but he made it. He is still alive to tell the story.
Forumites sympathized with the deputy administrator of this forum and
wish him long life and victory in court.

Victory For Suspended Lady MLS In FMC Asaba,
She went to attend the ENEC meeting in Akure which took place in February but as she
got back to her duty post, a suspensio letter was awaiting her for being
at the forefront of the struggle embarked upon by medical laboratory scientists at FMC
Asaba, Delta State.
That's a blow the leadership of the branch and State would not accept. They quickly
challenged the rascality and lawlessness of the management in the court
of competent jurisdiction. In a jiffy, they got the suspension vacated
and the victimised amazon, Miss Efosa reinstated.
This victory is a plus in the struggle for freedom by medical laboratory scientists in Nigeria.
Legal weapon should be maximally employed by victimised MLS anywhere in the country to demonstrate
their determination to defend their statutory scheme of service and Federal law.

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