Saturday, March 31, 2012

'Bankole Julius Aims High, Tests Popularity As Chairman Irua/Ekpoma AMLSN

'Bankole Julius Aims High, Tests Popularity As Chairman Irua/Ekpoma AMLSN
The election comes up on moday 3rd April, 2012.
He has been an anchor man for histoscientists in Nigeria for years.
Now, he thinks it is time to make himself available to serve the bigger
family of medical laboratory scientist in Irua and Ekpoma chapter as chairman.
Those who knows his track record of passionate engagement, dedication and
result driven exploits of the past quickly endorsed this move and wished
him well in his new endeavour.
So come Monday, 3rd March, 2012, Bankole Julius of the department of medical laboratory
science, Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma will be vying for the post of
chairman, Irua/Ekpoma AMLSN Chapter. His supporters quietly wispers 'May your dreams come true'.

Medical Laboratory Science Council Of Nigeria  Repeats Documentary On Saturday 31st March At NTA
The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria has scheduled a repeat
of the widely commended t.v. documentary on the national television.
The first broadcast has been widely applauded by medical laboratory scientist
across the globe who saw the move as overdue and a plus to the feather of
the profession and as a bastion of the great authority commanded by the
council in the regulation of medical laboratory practice in Nigeria.
All members should stay glued to NTA tonight at 8.30pm for the 30 minutes repeat

Obnoxious Memo Raises Dust In Ekiti Teaching Hospital
For medical laboratory scientists in Ekiti State, the hen has come home to roost.
What seems to be distant has now come near like the flashy thunderlight!
How strong are they and how well can they unite to fight this aggression from
the powers that be? What they do collectively will determine their future as the
management of that hospital has devised a subtle means of undermining
their practice through an obnoxious memo which included resident doctors amongs
those to be posted to the lab.
Resistance is inevitable. This is the time to keep their heritage and hold
their ground. Would they? Time will tell.

'MLSCN Not A Pressure Group'-Akinlabi Wale
Those who are waiting for the Medical Laboratory Council of NIgeria (MLSCN)
to fight for more renumeration for them in their places of work should
perish the thought as the council is a government agency not a pressure group. This
assertion was made clear by Mr Wale Akinlabi during the week.
The duties of the council is statutorily spelt out in the MLSCN Act, 2003. Those
duties are the major concern of the MLSCN not scheme of service or

Breakthrough For MLS In UNTH And Ogun State
As Pius Charges Other Chapters To Wake Up

The stagnation of medical laboratory scientists at the position of chief
MLS despite the clear mobility of the 2000 scheme of service has been
surmounted at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Nsuka and Ogun State.
This breakthrough has been widely commended especially in UNTH where the
instrumentality of the union, NUMPTAM was deployed to liberate MLS in that
Riding on this development, a passionate call has been made by Pius Omosigho
of the Niger State chapter of AMLSN to all chapters of AMLSN to wake up
and be strong nationwide.
The alternative is to be wiped out by the ravaging tycoon in the mold of the
pathologist in every center. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. No more
room for complacency. Unite now and fight for your future!

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