Saturday, May 5, 2012

Medical Laboratory Scientists Regroup To Fight Oppression In Nigeria

 Medical Laboratory Scientists in Nigeria seems not ready to trade away their heritage to the minister of health who is hell bent on sabotaging the laws and statutory schemes of service for medical laboratory scientists while simultaneously empowering the medical directors and pathologists in Nigeria. This attitude informed the declaration of sustainable rebellion through the release of organogram to be strictly adhered to by medical laboratory scientists in Nigeria. Other news items are as follows.
'Mr Minister, Direct CMDs To Implement MLS Organogram'-G.C. Okara
The President, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists Of Nigeria (AMLSN)
has called upon the minister of health, Professor Onyebuchi chukwu to direct chief
medical directors of teaching hospitals and medical directors of federal medical centers
to implement the organogram for medical laboratory scientists in Nigeria.
This call was revealed in the recent memo sent to the minister by the president, Dr. G.C. Okara
on behalf of the association.

AMLSN Releases Organogram, Minister Of Health Panics
Never to leave any stone unturned in her quest for professional freedom,
the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists Of Nigeria (AMLSN) has
released the much talked about and awaited organogram to fully implement
the provision of the law setting up the medical laboratory science profession
and the scheme of service.
If fully implemented, the organogram will rightly put medical laboratory
scientists in charge of their professional practice in government hospitals nationwide
as against the current barrage of usurpation of authority by pathologists.
But are the members really up to the task of enforcing it? The coming days will tell.

Respite For MLS In FMC Asaba: Case Transfered To NIC
Medical Laboratory Scientists at Federal Medical Center Asaba was
given a respite at the federal high court where their case against the management
of the hospital was referred to the National Industrial Court (NIC).
On top of that, the court has declared the suspension of MLS and victimization of
the management as illegal and consequently ruled that such should
stop forthwith.
This is a victory for all members of the branch who have become heroes in the fight for
freedom for medical laboratory scientists nationwide.

Adegoke Adebayo Others bags PhD Receive Accolades
Barrage of accolades for a job well done and congratulatory messages
has continued to come the way of our own Dr. Adegoke Adebayo and others
whose doctorate graduation holds saturday, 5th May, 2012.
Wishing them all happy celebration.

Senior MLS Needs Professional Reincubation-Ayodele Aaron
In reaction to the news of the release of the organogram for
medical laboratory scientists in Nigeria, a call has gone to
the leadership of the association to reincubate the chief MLS, Deputy
Directors and senior MLS in government hospitals who always play the spoiler role.
This call was made by Ayodele Aaron recently in the forum. Hope the concerned authorities are
reading this?

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