Saturday, February 25, 2012

Medical Laboratory Council Of Nigeria Plans Big

Medical Laboratory Council Of Nigeria Plans Big For Medical Laboratory Scientists
The Medical Laboratory Council Of Nigeria (MLSCN) has revealed
that plans are on the way to bring the council's offices close
to medical laboratory scientists in each state of the federation.
This was disclosed during the week at a program tagged 'Medical Laboratory
Council And You' organised by the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists
Of Nigeria (AMLSN) Oyo State branch, by Alhaji M. Azeez, the director of education,
research and training in the council.
This revelation is bound to gladden the heart of medical laboratory scientists in Nigeria
who has long been clamouring for closer ties with the regulatory body.

'Please, Your Websites Are Too Static'-Abdul Jelil
The medical laboratory council of Nigeria,  (MLSCN) and the association of medical laboratory
scientists of Nigeria,  (AMLSN) has been called upon to update their websites to make it
attractive and relevant to the tide of events.
This was made during the week by Abdul Mustapha Jelil who raised eyebrow on the static nature
of the websites of these two organisations.
The council's website is while that of the association of medical laboratory
scientists of Nigeria is

Federal Government Of Nigeria Constitutes Committee On Lassa Fever
The Federal Government of Nigeria has constituted a committee on lassa fever to address
the spate of outbreak of the disease in the past months.
Twelve states has been so far affected with death tolls being left in its trail.
However, medical laboratory scientists are not sure if any of their members is in the committee
a situation roundly condemned if true as there cannot be successful surveillance without laboratory
testing and sampling.

 Ambrose Alli University 2005/2006 MLS Results Released As Students Jump For Joy
Following frustrating delay and vituperation from concerned students,
the forum was set aglow during the week when the news of the release
of the much expected results of the medical laboratory science set 2005/2006
of Ambrose Ali University Edo State hits the forum.
Long expectant graduates couldn't curtail their emotional expression on hearing the news a sign
of progress for them.

 'Get Unionised In Your Station'-Obisesan Oluwatuyi
Medical Laboratory Scientists has been urged to get unionised in their
respective station in order to fight for their rights and be legally protected.
This call was made during the week by Mr. Obisesan Oluwatuyi, the chairman of the
Jos branch of the union.He particularly called on them to join the Nigerian Union Of Pharmacists, Medical Scientists,
and Professions Allied to Medicine,(NUPMTPAM).

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