Saturday, February 18, 2012

'My Life Was Put In Danger For Supporting MLSCN'-Daniel Nanbol

'My Life Was Put In Danger For Supporting MLSCN'-Daniel Nanbol
He supported the Medical Laboratory Science Council Of Nigeria's directive
on the phasing out of graduate internship program. But that was his nemesis.
Proponents of continuation of the disbanded program thought he should be in the
gulag for exercising his democratic right. Pronto, he was arrested until
help came from sympathisers who delivered him from the clutch of operation.
He stepped on powerful toes who believe the status quo must be maintained.
It happened in 2011 but the recent ressurection of the graduate internship
menace caused the event to be revisited.
Disregard For Council's Directive Tears Forum Apart
Why should the Medical Laboraotry Science Council Of Nigeria (MLSCN)
give directive for the disbandment of graduate internship program and
be sabotaged by vested interest? This is the root of the vituperation
tearing the forum apart during the course of the week.
Most commentators on the post initiated by Dudu Olabode as reported
by a news publication on the adoption of WHO standard by the MLSCN submitted
that the graduate intership must be disbanded for life and be confined
to the dustbin of history.

'Stop This Superiority Contest'-Mathew Salami

In the begining they were called lab boys. Tide of events caused
an evolution that transformed them to technologists. They were given
AIMLT diploma at graduation. The increased recognition and status soon
attracted degree holders in ancillary disciplines like biochemistry, microbiology
physiology, etc. These BSc holders soon got their chance for 2 years
graduate internship before they could become medical laboratory scientists.
As that opportunity subsisted, Bachellor of Medical Laboratory Science soon
became the degree obtainable at the university for practitioners of medical laboratory
science in Nigeria.
The profession today in Nigeria consists of core AIMLS, BSc  plus AIMLS,
and the BMLS holders. A superiority contest is currently raging in the forum
among these groups. Salami Mathew thinks this is unnecessary and could compromise
unity in the profession.
Is it not wise to emphasise what we share in common and play down on
what could cause disaffection? Your guess is as good as mine!

Chris Mbata Reappears In Forum, To Be Honoured
For his starling qualities and leadership exploit, Dr. Chris Mbata,
chairman, Rivers State AMLSN is to be honoured by a publication outfit
at the NUJ Secretariat in PortHarcourt. Wishing him more of such rewarding

Do You Know The Difference Between Laboratory Medicine And Medical Lab. Science?
If you are still confused about the distinction between laboratory medicine and
medical laboratory science, read the post initiated by Aladenika Seto to
discover cerebral submissions on the difference between the two by distinguished
medical laboratory scientists. You will be shocked by the misconceptions and
prevarications on the subject matter. Yet, the fact remains that in Nigeria,
medical laboratory science is not the same as laboratory medicine.

'Rain Of 'Dubious' Bills In National Assemble Against MLS'-Ayodele Aaron
It has been revealed that bills such as the sickle cell bill currently before
the national assembly can spell doom for the medical laboratory science profession
if not closely monitored. This concern was raised by Ayodele Aaron, a consistent
commentator in the forum. He opines that doctors could smartly circumvent the interest
of medical laboratory scientists and subtly entrench themselves in the routine
duties of medical laboratory scientists.

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