Friday, June 6, 2014

Medical Laboratory Council Of Nigeria Moves To Permanent Site

Welcome to another edition of your favorite news update.
So many events took place in quick succession in the past week
that has heihtened expectations and as well dampens the morale
of few.  But generally, things are gradually looking up.
In order to consolidate on its advocacy for changes in the proposed health bill,
the Assembly of Health Professionals has accosted the Speaker of the Nigeria
house of assembly for redress....

The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria has made good its plan to relocate to the permanent
site, a feat which was actualized recently.  Official business
had since commenced at the new site on June 2nd, 2014.  This is a dream come through for the Emeribe led
Council and a landmark achievement in the annals of the profession and regulating agencies.

Subtle plan by few unschooled players and outsiders in the real
politics of Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria to elongate the term of the current leadership
has been finally laid to rest at the last ENEC meeting at Enugu
as an electoral committee has been set up to usher in new
executives come September in Ondo.  Who are these umpires?

Just as doctors continue to attack AMLSN/MLS/MLSCN on all fronts
in recent times so has the latter continue to focus on the
growt and development of the profession and Med. Lab. Services
in Nigeria through partnership with foreign sponsors on
strategic planning. Find out details.............

One of the attraction of the Enugu ENEC meeting is the
surfacing of campaign posters by aspiring candidates for
elective posts in AMLSN. Top stories reveals the identity
of the aspirants...

Rage and condemnation continues to trail NUC's ill-adviced
circular on the stoppage of BMLS program. Can it succeed?

TY Raheem Enjoys Massive Cyber Support Even As B.E. Bassey
Angles Strategically For AMLSN's Presidency. Who Wins?

Goodnews on the Labour Front As JOHESU Gets Circular On
Consultancy And Specialty Allowance..
Okay, let's find details in the Top Stories

Top Stories
History Made As MLSCN Commences Official Work At New Site
The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria has made
history as the first regulatory body to move to its permanent
site in the health sector.  This follows a marching order
handed out last year to regulatory bodies on F.G.'s discontinuation
of budgetary provisions for them.  To be on the safe side,
MLSCN quickly engaged the AMLSN leadership and members for support
which done and has now led to the completion and movement
to the permanent site.  The building should be a source of
pride to all MLS. Congrats.

ENEC Meeting Holds In Enugu, Constitutes Electoral Committee
The ENEC meeting ended at Enugu on 2nd June amidst hope and
high expectation for the future.  The crisis free event
was well tailored by the Okara led exco in the presence
of timbers and calibers of the profession.
Constitution of the electoral committee at the meeting has
finally put paid to the clamour for tenure elongation as all
hands are now on deck for successful change of baton come September
in Ondo.

T.Y. Raheem Enjoys Massive Cyber Support
One of the aspirant for AMLSN president, Alh. Toyosi Raheem
has been enjoying massive accolades and support from forumites
since the embargo on electioneering was lifted at the Enugu ENEC
meeting. If wishes were horses, he could have been instantly
installed as the defacto president but his supporters need
to match their wish with affirmative action for all to see
in Septermber. Can they make it happen for him at Ondo?

Bassey Moves Strategically To Consolidate On Ambition
The ever unassuming dogged fihter in him will not make him
give up on his ambition to lead the Association as president
come September.  Not moved by noise from other camps, he has
continue to strategically position his supporters for the
real test at the sunshine city.  But will his strategic move
deliver the presidency on election day?

AMLSN/MLSCN USAID Plans Strategic Think Thank Retreat
The American based USAID has partnered with AMLSN and MLSCN
for a strategic think-thank retreat to take MLS to the next
level in the coming years.  This should be seen as a major
landmark for the profession who wont be distracted by the barrage
of attack on all fronts from Nigeria physicians in recent times.
AMLSN/MLSCN is poised at building systems to improve
MLS practice in Nigeria.

NUC Moves To Stop BMLS In Universities
Though unimaginable yet it is true! The Amadu Ali led National
University Commission has circulated a memo for the stoppage
of BMLS degree program in Nigerian Universities.  But how
far can this directive go? Rage and fury continue to trail
the ill-adviced step as the ever bubbling youths in the
profession are poised to stopping this irrational step
of the NUC.  More development on the issue as the day runs y.

JOHESU Consolidates On Demands, Receives Enabling Circulars
The meeting of Joint Health Sector Union, JOHESU with the F.G. on Tuesday has been
acclaimed to be fruitful parley.  As at the time of going to
press, circulars for MLS EEP for immediate implementation has
been released while JOHESU submited desired changes on it
formerly at the meeting which would be done on or before the next
meeting in 4wks time.  Also, circular for restoration of
Consultancy and payment of specialist allowance for deserving
members has been released.
Estimate for implementation of skipping arrears and adjusted
CONHESS computed for further action. Members urged to be
law abiding and continue with their legitimate work as there
is no indication for strike now.

Here we take a break until next edition. Abientot

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