Wednesday, June 18, 2014

High Expectation As MLSCN Registrar Tenure Ends

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 MLSCN CEO/Regristrar Tenure Ends Amidst High Expectation

As the week runs out, news filtered in that the tenure of the
current CEO/Registrar of MLSCN, Prof.'Tony Emeribe has ended
and so he has been asked to proceed on terminal leave by the
board led by the highly respected elder statemam, Dr. N.N. Shidali.
However, other sources reveal that the status quo remain.
Whichever way it goes, MLS in Nigeria are clamouring for a more
vibrant MLSCN especially in the area of accreditation of of public hospitals post Emeribe.
Dr. G.C. Okara has been suggested as a likely successor by
MLS following events as it unfolds. Meanwhile, someone will
need to fill the gap in acting capacity in the eventaulity that
Emeribe proceed on terminal leave.  This time can we have
a female in Dr. Laurena Okoro as Acting Registrar or Alh. M.M. Azeez?
That will be a matter for the board to decide.  Yet insinuations are rife that
Prof. Emeribe is interested in a second term since he is eminently qualified
according to the MLSCN Act.  Where will the pendulum tilt eventually?All fingers
remain crossed.

NMA Squares Up Against JOHESU, Reels Out Fresh Demands
The battle line seems to have been drawn by the fresh demands
NMA reeled out to the F.G. in a renewed onslaught against MLS
and JOHESU with the ultimate intent of reversing the NIC
Judgement, delaying the release of the circular on the
adjusted CONHESS salary scale and subverting the Nigerian constitution. But how far
can they go? The following days will decide.

YMLSN Announces Arrival At Enugu ENEC Meeting
One event that has been under-reported is the presentation
made by the YMLSN at the last ENEC meeting in Enugu where the
Osas led Young Med. Lab. Scientists of Nigeria announced their
arrival on stage to complement the vision and operation of
the parent body-AMLSN. No controversy about their acceptance.
Weekly buzz wishes them jolly ride to the future!

Rivers Host CPD Workshop As Lagos AMLSN Celebrates Golden Jubilee
Rivers state and Lagos branch of AMLSN enhanced the capacity
of members in an epoch making CPD workshop and award ceremonies
for distinguished and deserving Medical Laboratory Scientists who have proved their mettle
in the emancipation of the profession in Nigeria.

Intern MLS  Enjoys Enhanced Entry Point
News about the released EEP circular hasn't gone un-noticed
as Intern MLS begins enjoying the new enhanced placement and pay
while expecting the corrected version. The Unilorin Teaching Hospital , Ilorin management
has already blaze the trail on the implementation.

PhD Degree A Must For AMLSN Presidency
Is PhD or any other higher qualification required as criteria for AMLSN presidency, most MLS
believe so.  This is the result from the poll conducted in
a recent post by the chief Admin. of the allmedlabscientists
forum, Mr. Oni Nelson. Nevertheless, how the poll result will
translate to electoral victory is another matter as candidates
continue to strategise for victory on election day at the
sunshine city, Ondo in September.

JOHESU Gets Circular On Consultancy, Specialist Allowance
One of the gains from the last Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) parley with F.G. is the
release of the circulars for Specialist allowance and restoration
of Consultancy status to Health Professionals. But this hasn't
gone down well with NMA who is oozing fire and brimstone in
a move to reverse the JOHESU success. But who will laugh last?
Keen watchers of the game think it is JOHESU.  How this will
happen will come to light in the following days.

Here we draw the curtain again for this week.

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