Monday, November 4, 2013

Court Declares Medical Laboratory Science A Distinct Profession In Nigeria-Frees Her From The Clutches Of Pathologists

Medical Laboratory Scientists Gets Freedom From Pathologists In Nigeria
The court case between Medical Laboratory Scientists And Pathologists has been declared in favour of
the Former.
Justice Esowe of the National Industrial Court In Nigeria declared that Medical Laboratory Science is a distinct profession which has the right to relate with other professions to achieve organizational goals.
This landmark judgement was delivered on Monday 23rd October in  a case between Mr. 'Tony Asiodu, Ben. Ajufo, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, Medical Laboratory Council Of Nigeria and the Management of the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba Delta State, Medical And Dental Council of Nigeria and the Attorney General of the Federation.

The court declared that ' by virtue of the provision of the Laws/Acts, Rules, Relevant Circulars. 9Issued on different dates) and 'approved 'Schemes of  'Service, members of the Plaintiffs' Association, Medical Laboratory Scientists, are distinct 'professionals and consequently entitiled to be accorded due recognition in the employment of the Defendants (particularly at the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, Delta State).

Court Directs Hospital Management To Implement Scheme Of Service For Medical Lab. Scientists
The management of the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, Delta State has been
directed to implement all provisions of the schemes of service for medical laboratory scientists.
This pronouncement was made by Justice Esowe of the National Industrial Court
Abuja, Nigeria in a suit filled by the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists.
The sixteen page judgement ordered  Inter Alia  that  the defendants to 'immediately recognize the existing Medical Laboratory Services department and Federal Government Approved Scheme of Service and put it into full operation for all members of the Plaintiffs' Association in accordance with the extant
laws/Acts, Rules, Circulars and Scheme of Service aforementioned and for all
administrative purposes at the Federal Medical Centre Asaba,.'

'It Is A Misnomer To Create A Directorate Without A System To Support It' -Justice Esowe
Justice of the National Industrial Court, Abuja, Justice Esowe has said that it will be a great
misnomer not to create a directorate system for medical laboratory scientists
after recognizing the office of a director.
In his judgement, he said, 'In view of the above provisions of the Federal Civil Service Rules, it is reasonable to infer that the scheme of service for the claimants recognized the creation of a separate
department of them.  It will be a great misnomer to recognize the office 
of a director a directorate system without a department to back it up. I therefore hold hat the contents of the claimants' scheme of service clearly envisaged the creation and recognition of a separate department for members of the claimants as a distinct professional group'.

Jobs Of Medical Laboratory Scientists Doesn't Conflict With Those Of Pathologists'-NIC
The National Industrial Court Abuja has declared that the jobs of medical
laboratory scientists doesn't conflict with those of pathologists.
In the judgement, the erudite judge says 'I hold that, based on the evidence before me, there is no conflict whatsoever between the claimants' job schedules and that of the 5th and 6th defendants.  The above position is reinforced by the fact that their trainings, professional qualifications and schemes of service are different from each other.'.  This he enthusiastically declared on page 15 of the document.

Court Says Medical Laboratory Scientists Are Legally Entitled To Own Department
In a recent court judgement by the National Industrial Court, medical laboratory
scientists has been declared entitled to have their own department.
The judgement on page 16, item 2 reads' A declaration that by virtue of the provisions
of the Laws'/Acts, Rules, Relevant Circulars issued on different 'dates' and approved scheme
of Service, members of the Plaintiffs' Association are legally entitled to 
operate/work under a separate department in the employment of the defendants.'

Medical Laboratory Scientist  Spreads Tentacles To Stroke Care As Health Minister Honours Nche Bikwe
The ever bubbling young MLS has continued to showcase their talents and
qualilty as they spread tentacles over any occupied space MLS is relevant.
In this case for Nche Bikwe, it is stroke care.  For his zeal and positive
impact in that area, he has been duly recognized by the honourable minister
of health who presented to him a certificate of recognition over the weekend
at Transcoprs Hilton hotels Abuja.
Who says the future isn't bright for Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria?

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