Monday, May 26, 2014

Doctor Harrasses, Assault Medical Laboratory Scientists In Lautech Ogbomoso

Great MLS,
Welcome to another tantalizing but sobering edition of your news menu as concerning the medical laboratory science profession in Nigeria.

Three shocking events continue to jostle for our headline this week.  The sad bomb incidence at Jos which took the lives of 7 budding embryonic MLS, the demise of  PA to AMLSN former President, Prof. Useh, Dr. Godwin Iwat shot in
cold blood in his office at UniCal and the rascality displayed by the CMAC of LTH, Osogbo who threw caution and decorum to the
winds to physically assault MLS on legitimate duties.
Any way, in the memory of the dead, weekly has settled for
'Doctor Harrasses, Assault Medical Laboratory Scientists In Lautech Ogbomoso'!

Yet, more news worthy events occurred which must be highlighted.
The EEP continue to dominate discussion as it's purported eventual
release caused confussion in the forum. However, the
intervention from the PRO's office and the clarification by
the poster-Soji Bilyrose put records straight as all hands
continue to be on deck in hopeful mood to receive the
circular still in the making.

The visit of the President, Dr. G.C. Okara to UCH, Ido-Ekiti,
UITH and LTH, Ogbomoso to unite, strengthen and motive MLS
in the battle field graced the news front too just
as the NMA arrogantly continues to threaten the F.G. concerning
JOHESU's demands.

Reacting to NMA incursion into her regulatroy functions,
the MLSCN has further assured the public of her readiness to
continue in sanitizing the chaotic invitro-diagnostics market and
import......Let's take a sip and move to Top Stories...

Top Stories
 Rascal CMAC Displays Thugery In Lautech Teaching Hospital!
At LTH, Ogbomoso, the CMAC, Dr. Olakulehin came so low to the point of phsically assaulting Medical Laboratory Scientists
on legitimate duties after displacing them from the laboratory
pissed off by the presence of press crew from NTA who came
to cover the protest of the MLS against the ill adviced
rascality of the CMAC.Weekly buzz is surprised the the Medical
profession has thrown up thugs as their leaders in Government
hospitals who are now bereft of sound reason and compelled
to adopt 'agbero' and 'boole kaja'(NURTW) tactics. Pity!

Tragedy Week For MLS:7 Students MLS Lost In Jos Bomb Blast
The news of the Jos bomb blast hit the nation below the belts.
But days later, MLS in Nigeria woke up to the sad news of having
7 of her embryonic members as victims of the blast.
The seven were students fo the Medical Laboratory Science departemnt
of the University of Jos said to be final year students.
May their soul rest in peace and divine consolation to
the parents and guardians of the departed.

Godwin Iwat, PA To Former AMLSN President Shot In Cold Blood!
Just as MLS were recovering from the death of 7 students MLS
of the University of Jos, the news of the demise of the
PA to the former AMLSN President, Prof. Useh, Dr. Godwin Iwat
hit the newswave following injuries sustained through gun
shot received from unkown gunmen in his office.  He died
days after a successful surgery at the intensive care
unit of the Teaching hospital.  He was a lecturer in the
microbiology department of University of Calabar. May his
soul rest in peace.

Okara Storms LTH Ogbomoso, Motivates MLS
To further show the mark of leadership he is truly known for,
Dr. G.C. Okara over the weekend paid solidarity visit to
UCH, Ibadan, UITH,Ilorin, LTH, Ogbomos and Ido-Ekiti to
to unite, stengthen and motivate MLS in those centres who
are feeling the heat of the professional struggle.
His visit has received wide commendation and applause by
followers of events of recents especially, UITH and LTH,
Ogbomoso where MLS are fighting like lions to exercise their
professional freedom and rights.

NMA Threatens F.G. Again On JOHESU's Demands
Frustrated by the reality on ground that the F.G. is bent
on releasing circulars to give effect to agreed negotiations
with JOHESU, the leadership of NMA has threatened to go on
strike if F.G. fulfills its side of the bargain.
But the public keep on asking what NMA has got to do with
the demands of other health workers? Is this not a case of
live and let others die?

Corrected EEP Causes Confusion As MOH Plays A Fast One On MLS
The frenzy and confusion that graced the announced release
of the corrected version of the EEP over the weekend
showed how MLS are earnest in waiting for the much expected
circular.  The young ones especially has been long in waiting
for the EEP which has caused a lot of disenfranchisement in the

MLSCN Re-Affirms Will To Sanitize In-Vitro Diagnostics In Nigeria

In response to an NMA threat to use everything in its power to
stop the MLSCN from implementing the recenlty release F.G.
circular through the CBN, the MLSCN has re-affirmed her readiness
more than before to sanitize the chaotic in-vitro diagnostic
market and importation in Nigeria through strategic regulation.
This remark was made recently in a news publication by
the CEO/Registrar, Prof. 'Tony Emeribe.

This is where we draw the curtain today. Bonne journee!

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