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Edo AMLSN Conference 2012, Pay Early, Pay Less! How Much?

Edo AMLSN Conference 2012, Pay Early, Pay Less! How Much?
Modality for the payment of registration for the Edo 2012, AGM of the Association of
Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) has been revealed recently. Members who register by July will pay 15,000. Those who pay in August will pay 17,000 while those who
pay at the conference centre will pay 20,000. The ealier you pay, the less!

 Ondo AMLSN Atop, Wins Grade Level 10 For MLS
The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, Ondo State branch
has gone ahead of others to win grade level 10 placement for Medical
Laboratory Scientists in the Ondo State civil service.
This is coming amidst the delay in approving the same grade level for
MLS in the Federal civil service.
This feat has placed the leadership of Ondo State on the top spot in
getting government to declare good life for Medical Laboratory Scientists.

New Organogram For MLS In Nigeria
A new organogram is underway for Medical Laboratory Scientists in Nigeria.
In order to make it a reality, the leadership of the Association in Nigeria
are currently meeting in Ondo State to fashion out a long desired organogram
to be functional for MLS in Nigeria.
This organogram will rightly displace usurpers who has hitherto hijacked the
authority line in medical laboratory services in Nigeria and place it
in the hands of Medical Laboratory Scientists.

MLSCN's Building Levy Divides ENEC
How can the Medical Laboratory Science Council (MLSCN) slam
building levy on Medical Laboratory Scientists? Members seeking satisfactory
answers are yet to get their nerves soothed at the on-going ENEC meeting
holding in Ondo State hence the shut down of the proposal till the annual
general meeting of the Association in Benin.
Furore was generated when the proposal came up at the meeting as members
are yet to see genuine reason for them to be levied to build 'government house'.

Finally, Academic Lifeline For MLT In Nigeria
The long awaited academic lifeline for Medical Laboratory Techinicians
in Nigeria has been revealed by the Medical Laboratory Council Of Nigeria (MLSCN).
Technicians with the required qualifications can now pursue academic
career in Medical Laboratory Science in the university through direct entry.

T.Y. Raheem Heads Edo NOC
Alhaji T.Y. Raheem has been appointed as the chairman, National Organising Committee (NOC),of the Edo, 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM). He, with other members of the committee will
coordinate the preparation for and hosting of the AGM in September.
Other members of the NOC include, Dr. Emenike O. Felix, Dr. Ifedayo Ajayi,
Mr. Richard Omoregie and Dr. Ja'afaru Mohammed.

Wide Commendation For Ondo AMLSN
The Ondo State branch of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists
of Nigeria, (AMLSN) has been commended for the exceptional organisation
of the just concluded ENEC meeting.
Report reaching our desk expressed participant's satisfaction for the
way the members and leadership of the brance hosted their visitors and conducted
themselves to the delight of all.

Yobe Rejected, Delta Denied, Bayelsa Wins Hosting Right
Following the rejection of Yobe State and the denial of Delta State
branch of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria,
Bayelsa State branch has been given the nod to host the next ENEC meeting
coming up in May, 2012 by presidential fiat.
Here is a challenge for Bayelsa State branch to outwit Ondo State who
performed creditably well in hosting the ENEC meeting between 2nd and 3rd
March, 2012. Goodluck!

MRS Julie Ufuoma Goes Home
The body of Mrs Julie Ufuoma of the Delta State branch of AMLSN has been
laid to rest as members continue to wonder how death could take her away
at this auspiciuos time when she is most needed.
It is always painful to lose a beloved colleague. Rest in peace.
Our condolence goes to the Delta State branch of AMLSN.

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