Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pathologist Appointed Director of Medical Laboratory Services In UCH

Pathologist Appointed Director of Medical Laboratory Services In UCH
Those who read the post were furious and fuming with anger and despondency.
How can medical laboratory scientist in that center allow it to happen?
Is that not contrary to the spirit and soul of the work-to-rule strike?
So many questions kept ringing but the deed is already done. A medical doctor
has been reported to be the director of medical laboratory service in University College Hospital (UCH), the premier
teaching hospital in Nigeria. How could this be reversed? Time, posterity and strength of
character of the medical laboratory scientists there would decided.

Dr. Chris Elemuwa Bags Imo State Award For Community Development Service
Those who know him are familiar with his dedication to service and forthright lifestyle.
When he was the vice president of the association during Professor Useh's tenure, he didn't
disappoint his admirers.
These and more of his sterling qualities endeared him to the Imo State
government who recently acknowledged his meritorious service to humanity
through an award in community service.
Weekly buzz congratulates Dr. Chris Elemuwa

'NEC Do Something, We Are Suffering'-Josiah Omoduvie
He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches. That's the inference applicable to
the save our soul post raised by Josiah Omoduvie of the FMC, Asaba.
They surely have been feeling the heat of the wicked works of the medical director
in Asaba.
He thinks a lot of ground has already been  lost since the suspension of the
work to rule strike. Going back to the trenches fast may be the recourse to caution
the wreckless chief medical directors who are bent on subverting the statutory circulars
and law regulating medical laboratory science practice in Nigeria.
Where would this end? The national executive council has been subsequently called
upon to do more to salvage the situation. But the million dollar question is, can NEC
be everywhere at the same time? This is the food for thought.

Akhere Obumese Emerges Irua/Ekpoma AMLSN Chairman
In an election full of intrigues and wide consultation, the successful
election of new executives to run the Irua/Ekpoma chapter in Edo State
held the penultimate week throwing up the activist scientist, Akhere Obumese as
the new chairman. His supporters believe he has all it takes to move
the chapter to the next level and quickly checkmate the over-ambitious
doctors who want to take over the laboratories.

FMC Yenogoa's CMD A Shining Light In The Dark
The chief medical doctor of the federal medical centre, yenogoa, Bayelsa State has been
reported to be a shining light in the dark health sector characterised by
flagrant disregard for government regulations and deep persecution of
dedicated medical laboratory scientists.
A recent post in the forum put on record the fair mindedness of the director though
a pathologist whose practice is giving Caesar what is his and God what rightly belongs to Him.
Hope other CMDs will emulate his good example.

Don't Wait For Coconut To Fall, Pluck It
Reacting to a post calling for the national executive to come to the rescue of
persecuted medical laboratory scientists on the field, Ben Ajufo thinks
the concerned medical laboratory scientists lack liver to fight for their right.
He believes it is the duty of medical laboratory scientists to hold their ground
wherever they are practising to ward off the aggressive foe constantly making life
unbearable for them. Waiting for coconut to fall may be too long.
Take your life in your hands. The best way to quickly possess the coconut is to pluck it. Can you?

MLSCN Shines, Storms Media With Jingles
Those who have underestimated the resolve of the current leadership of the Medical Laboratory Council of Nigeria
MLSCN to make a difference and lasting impact should better think twice.
The double-edged jingles to launch awareness and commence public education about the medical laboratory
council and medical laboratory science in Nigeria on national radio and television has received
wide commendation as revealed during the week.
Talking less and doing more of action will soon convince doubting Thomases that things can no longer remain
the same.

Former MLSCN Registrar, Lady Okonkwo Loses Hubby
The sad passage to life after of the husband of the former secretary registrar of the medical
laboratory science council of Nigeria, Lady E.U. Okonkwo has been announced.
Forumites commiserate with the iron lady and wishes her darling peaceful eternal rest.

MLS Will Survive. Nigeria Not Hopelessly Lawless
A light will surely come out of the dark cloud. Is that not the saying of the wise?
No gold is worth its salt without passing through the furnace. According to Soji Bilyrose,
medical laboratory science has come to stay in Nigeria despite the opposition ravaging it.
He believes the law would soon take its course and have its day no matter how long.
Rule of law will still prevail in Nigeria. Do you believe that?

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