Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nigerian Medical Laboratory Scientist On Top Of The Game In Africa

Events of the past weeks showcased the resilience of the medical laboratory scientist in the midst of
perpetual intimidation and oppression by the powers that be in the health sector whose days are
nonetheless numbered.
The much publicized public hearing on the national health bill had been concluded but the aftermath
continues to resonate as the popularity of the medical laboratory profession continue to soar against
all odds.
The Nasarawa branch of the Association in the penultimate week successfully hosted the 184th ENEC
meeting to the admiration of participants who left very proud of being members of this noble profession.

This edition is predicated on the smart move of the Okara led Exco and elders of the profession who in
far away South Africa at the recently concluded conference of the African Society Of Laboratory Medicine

proved to doubting Thomases that the Nigerian Medical Laboratory Scientist is on top of the game in Africa!
At that conference, pathologists who had mobilised themselve from Nigeria in numbers were shocked to find out
too late that the society administratively is in the hands of the medical laboratory scientist gurus from Nigeria with Professor Emeribe as the Nigerian Ambassador and G.C. Okara playing prominent roles to mention a few.  Who needs a soothe sayer
to forecast the bright future of the profession in Nigeria which is now on the tract to showing the way to sound medical laboratory
science policy for Africa.  News from the grapevine revealed that the Nigeria Medical Laboratory Policy and Law has been adopted by the leadership of the society to the chagrin of pathologists who had wanted to use their numbers to shortchange
medical laboratory scientists at the conference.
Now being on top of the game in Africa, the coast seems to be clear for consolidation at the home front in Nigeria where
great strides is being made daily by the Okara leadership working harmoniously with the MLSCN.  Okara well celebrated
charge is always ' the Council is our baby'.
But some members are not at home with the way the Okara leadership has been hobnobbing with the Council.  They rather
opt for the 'Emeribe' model in the relationship between the Council and the Association.
A case in point is the recently 'armtwisting ' of members by the MLSCN who reneged on the agreement reached at the Edo
conference concerning the MLSCN development levy of N8,000 which is supposed to be paid in yearly installment of N2,000
which the Council reversed by compelling members to pay the levy at once on the spot.
Similarly, some members are not happy with the CPD levy.  They claim the programme has already received sponsorship from International partners.
Be that as it may, both the Council, members and the Okara led leadership must find a middle ground to accommodate all the interests at play.
It is in this vain national leaders of the Association who converged in Nasarawa penultimate weekend mandated the MLSCN to adhere to the gentlemanly agreement reached at the EDO conference.  But how will this go, the days ahead will determine the next line of action.

Other Interesting Stories

'We Need Update On The Visit Of Okara and Elders To Head Of Service' Funmi Oyeleye
Mr Funmi Oyeleye of the Olabisi Onabanjo Teaching Hospital has called on the leadership to give
update on the recent SOS visit to the Head of Service-Alh. Bell Salli concerning the entry point for
He called attention to the imminent retirement of the HOS which is due in March. 
In a swift move, he was updated with a post from the ever dependable Tam Adetunji who submitted that
the HOS begged for time to smoothen administrative bureaucracy.  But the truth is, members are anxious more
than ever before to see the implementation of the enhanced entry point.  It seems without this, all the activities and achievements of the Okara led exco may be termed as a failure.

'MLS In The West Should Wake Up'-Joyce Odigie
The dearth of Universities running MLS in the South West of Nigeria has attracted the vituperation
of members from other parts of the Country who feared that MLS in the South West may take the back
stage if the situation is not reversed.
Leading the pack is the ever vocal amazon Joyce Odigie from Uniben who has called on the leaders of that
region to wake from their slumber and put all differences aside to uplift the profession in the West and open doors
of academic advancement to the coming generation.

Nasarawa ENEC Meeting Records Death Casualty
An Assistant Director from FMC Keffi was lost in a ghastly motor accident on her way to the
ENEC meeting penultimate weekend.  Some other people also sustained injuries, an event which
attracted sympathy and consolation messages from concerned members.  May her genlty soul rest in perfect peace.

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