Monday, March 20, 2017

'Medical Laboratory Science Degree Course Now My Priority'-Unilorin V.C.

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What ado about conference days? Can we continue to act the same way and expect different results? Some people thinking out of the box are coming up with fresh ideas on reducing the number of days for AMLSN AGM/ Annual Conference. Intense debate may spring up on this subject as soon as the proponents have their way.

The past week has experienced intense political activities as more aspirants line up for one post or the other in the next leadership election of AMLSN coming up in Kaduna.
On the academic tuff, series of CPD workshop has been lined up and others done as State branches, chapters/units fall over themselves to improve the lot of their members.

As the March ending deadline for practicing licence approaches, issues surrounding delay continue to attract members' attention and promises to be interesting and intrigueing as the days go by. The quality of services by the regulating body has been generating mixed feelings in recent time.

As subtle as the choice of the date for the next AGM is, it has continue to command attention from stakeholders who think the November date proposed is a hoax. What will happen?

It was a long journey but there seems to be hopeful light at the end of the tunnel for BMLS degree at Unilorin as the V.C. makes it a priority.

Top Stories

'Give Us Real Time Update On Licence'-Bimpe Balogun
Tech savvy MLS worldwide keep wondering quietly why it hasn't been possible for MLSCN to give real them real time update on practicing licence in this information age. Such stakeholders have found a voice in a concerned forumite, Bimpe Balogun who thinks something need be done fast about it.

'MLSCN Has Greatly Improved'-Akinyemi Sunday Olubunmi

One MLS, Akinyemi Sunday has found something good in the MLSCN as he testifies of the satisfactory service he enjoys from the regulatory body. However, others are still waiting in the wings to have same experience.

'Non-MLS In MLSCN Giving It Bad Name'- Ayodele Ajayi

Call it a warning or alert as he christens it.  The service racketeering from some elements in the MLSCN has been credited to bad eggs in the organization who are not MLS. This view was the main message in a post written recently by MLS Ayodele Ajayi who cautioned colleagues patronizing impersonators in the Council.

On NICN Jail Threat, All Fingerss Crossed, Waiting For AMLSN
What is going to happen at the end of the 30 days ultimatum handed over to the Minister of health and CMD of JUTH? Onlookers are watching with fingers crossed.  A determined AMLSN goaded
by her leaders are poised to making good their threat ensure violators go to jail. However, strategies remain close to chest.

No To AGM In November! It Is A Rape On AMLSN Constitution' Alabi Precious
The proposed November date for the next AGM/Scientific Conference in Kaduna has been attracting rejectiony tone going by content of a post by a forumite, Alabi Precious recently. Where do we go from here? Time will tell

Kwara AMLSN CPD Workshop Attracts Governor, Unilorin V.C.

It was a highly patronized workshop at Government banquet hall in Ilorin on the opening ceremony day of the conference which witnessed the presence of heavy weights in the States political arena including the Unilorin Vice Chancellor who was decorated as grand patron of the Association.

'BMLS Degree Now My Priority'-Unilorin V.C.
In what turned out to be historic moment for AMLSN Kwara State on their quest for the commencement of the BMLS degree in Unilorin, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abdulganiyu Amballi, not known for frivolity has declared publicly that the course is now his top priority. This is heart warming for MLS all over the globe who had been expecting goodnews from the 'better by far' University.

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