Saturday, August 11, 2012

Medical Laboratory Council Flags Off Online CPD

The Medical Laboratory Council Of Nigeria has scored another point in her effort to develop the medical laboratory science profession in Nigeria.  A pilot testing of the online continuous professional development program (CPD), first of its kind in the healthcare fraternity has just been completed.  The program is billed to
fully commence for all and sundry in September, 2012. The program is anchored in collaboration with the Association Of Medical Laboratory Scientist Of Nigeria and USAID.

Okara Ends Nationwide Consultation: Inspires MLS To Take Birthright Now!
The nationwide consultation by Dr. G.C. Okara, president, Association of
Medical Laboratory Scientists came to a successful end in Kano the penultimate
weekend.  It was a season of motivation, recap of history, intensive
tete-a-tete and decisive affirmation.
The move came consequent on the recent release of the medical laboratory
services organogram endorsed by the body of medical laboratory scientists
and communicated to the health minister in Nigeria for implementation.
It will be recalled that the implementation has been delayed for eleven years.

Medical Laboratory Services: Heart Of Modern Healthcare-Prof. Emeribe
The Chief Executive of the Medical Laboratory Science Council Of Nigeria,
MLSCN, Prof. Anthony Emeribe in a recent interview asserted the pivotal
role of medical laboratory services in the health fraternity.  No responsible
healthcare practitioner can really deliver effective care to the patient
without laboratory services.
In the same vein, he revealed that Institutions are being prepared for the
Council's accreditation and certification across the country with the
adoption of the WHO-AFRO standard rating.

Let Medical Lab. Scientists Be-Nigerians Tell PathologistsIf you think Nigerians are in the dark concerning the perennial rift
between the pathologists and medical laboratory scientists, you'll be
thrilled by the response of some Nigerians to the recent news report
where leadership of ASSOPON promised to strengthen laboratories nationwide.
A respondent to the online publication pointedly told pathologists to let
medical laboratory scientists be. The respondent enthused 'we have known medical
laboratory scientists over the years. Where did these pathologists came from?'
Well that's a question unfolding events will answer.

'Only Change Is Permanent: Let's Embrace MLS.D'-Chris Mbata
While most medical laboratory scientists are happy about the published
curriculum of the MLS.D degree in medical laboratory science, some yet-to-be-
convinced stakeholders saw nothing spectacular about it.
But the chairman, AMLSN, Rivers State, Dr. Chris Mbata see it as a necessary
change to propel the profession to greater heights.  All MLS were therefore
charged to embrace the program for the good of the profession.
Rejecting the MLS.D program will spell doom and bring retrogression in the
mould of the rejected BS.c program in the early seventies.  Unfortunately,
those rejecting the program now had at one time or the other castigated
their elders for lacking vision.  What would you call this disposition of

No Jobs For Us In Rivers-Sting MLS Cries Out
They are vociferous in the forum but in real life, where their
voice could be heard at Association meetings in the State, they
never existed! Call that 'sting MLS'?
Some medical laboratory scientists had written off the leadership of
Rivers State AMLSN ably led by Dr. Chris Mbata.  The grouse was that
other professional were employed while MLS was left out. But the leadership
and other active members took a swipe at the 'facebook MLS' for being out
of tune with reality.  To defend her stance, the leadership claimed that
only Rivers State had ensured that MLS were employed in the primary healthcare
agency in Nigeria.

'MLS.D Is The Future'No More Room For Slavery-Bright Nwosu
Brigh Nwosu in a young enthusiastic MLS.  He told those who cared
to listen in a recent post that the MLS.D program in the future of
the profession and no one can kill the dream. According to him, the MLS.D
program will put an end to slavery in the polity as it currently stand.

'Stop This Debate On MLS.D,It Has Come To Stay'-Teddy Adias
The Provost, Bayelsa State College Of Health Technology, Dr. Teddy Adias has
called on MLS to stop debating on the MLS.D program as it has come to stay.

'Doctor Title Predates Physicians'-Ben Ajufo
If you think the title 'doctor' was first used by medics then you are
in for a shocker! Ben. Ajufo in a well researched post exposed the
ignorance of the medics and others about the title as it was first used
by lawyers. Lawyers had since dumped the title for Mr.
Physicians only started using it in the 14th century though they have
been called healers in the past.

Kogi AMLSN Ressurrects, Holds Public Lecture, Inaugurates New Exco
With election of new executives, the Kogi State branch of AMLSN is
determined to arrest the urgly face of the profession in the State.
The new exco are billed to be inaugurated at the public lecture this weekend
with big guns in the profession invited to the occassion.

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